Hypno Finance: A Comprehensive Guide to Saving and Withdrawing

Metamask desktop

Saving in Your Purse:

  1. On the staking platform under “Pending” click “Claim”
  2. There will be a gas fee, as with staking. Again, this is set to automatic 180. Generally setting the gas to 15–25 is sufficient for claiming. Click confirm. If the transaction is not successful within 5 mins then go to advanced settings in Metamask extension and click reset. This will void the pending transaction and you can then try claiming again with higher gas price.
  3. Once the transaction is successful you will see your claimed rewards in your balance.

Withdrawing HYP

  1. Go to https://hypno.finance
  2. Connect Wallet
  3. Click Max or Type in Amount Wanting to Withdraw
  4. Accept Transaction Fees
  5. Be Patient
  6. You have withdrawn

If for any reason you have experienced technical difficulty while following this guide, please feel free to drop a message via HypnoTube’s official discord channel. The community will be more than happy to assist where possible.

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